Bill Hignett


It is with great sadness that we report the death of Bill Hignett. Bill was involved in a Road Traffic Collision on Tuesday 3rd October on the A556 at Sandiway.

Bill was a well-known and well-liked member of the section and will be sadly missed. Details of the funeral arrangements will be circulated once finalised


 Our sincere condolences go out to Bills family and friends.


                        Jeff Meehan (4th Sept 2016)                  


Jeff Meehan Obituary.


On the morning of Sunday the 4th of September whilst assembling for the V M C C Goostrey run we were concerned when Jeff did not arrive and there were none of the usual messages from him.

Jeff was to have manned one of the check points on the run and when he did not appear or send any message we became concerned, only to learn later in the day that he had lost his life in a collision with a car while on his way to Goostrey.


Jeff was a man of many talents to each of which he gave his full effort; he gave full effort to the V M C C being a key member of the team that produced the new Articles of Association and was a founder member of the “Cheshire Cats” section, being a very active and valued member.

Among his many activities he was a well known activist in the campaigns against air polluting incinerators. Following early retirement from Daresbury lab he became a fishing boat skipper and had recently sold the boat, he was also an author and a keen footballer and table tennis player as well as being a well respected family man.


He was an accomplished restorer of bikes of many marques; New Imperial, Royal Enfield, New Hudson and Norton and others all restored to the highest standard and beautifully kept.


On occasions I was able to assist him with mechanical issues and Jeff was always ready to advise and help with the mysteries of motorcycle electrical systems.


Jeff introduced the “Meet and Greet” inter-section events which have proved to be very successful in getting neighbouring sections involved with each other.

Over the last few weeks I had been helping him with planning another innovative event of his; the “Out for the Count” run around the lanes of Cheshire.

On testing parts of the route out we managed to get lost within our own county a couple of times much to our surprise, he was still adjusting the route plan up to the time of his death.

We had good rides out to our favoured areas, Jeff’s preferred area was North of the A5 and my area to the South, I introduced him to some of the hidden places in the Berwyns and he was very much influenced by the tranquillity of the shrine of St.Melangell where on his first visit we were surrounded by young Pheasants and greeted by a large proud Turkey cock. We made several visits in the last few months; always following our runs out he would phone to make sure that I had arrived home safely.


Jeff was a larger than life personality who will be greatly missed by his family and friends; he leaves a great void in our lives.

Our condolences go to his widow Maureen and daughters Jayne and Joanne.


Jeff Meehan 15thJune 1944 to 4th.September 2016, we will all miss you.


Robert Moon. V M C C Cheshire Cats



PETER MILLS (21st February 2016) 




We all know that Motorcycles were a major part of Peter’s life, throughout his life. Not just the machines themselves, but the fun to be gained from riding them, fixing and maintaining them and the many friends and acquaintances made along the way.


His stories of past motorcycling adventures always raised a smile especially the one where a young Peter rescued and rebuilt an Ariel Arrow only to find that it had been so highly tuned in the past that it was near impossible to start and would only ride at full throttle. The delight he took in telling the tale of waiting for his friends to catch him up at Knutsford never diminished with the telling and was so vivid you could have been on the pillion seat.


Peter was a very popular and well liked member of more than one Motorcycle Club amongst which were the Velocette Owners Club, our Cheshire Cats Vintage Motor Cycle Club and the AJS and Matchless Club.


This reflected Peter’s wide ranging and diverse interest in all motorcycles whatever the size, age or make. From his beloved Velocettes of all shapes and sizes which were engineered to Peters own high standards to his lovingly restored little Matchless 250 and his one man mission to rebuild his Excelsior???? two stroke from a pile of bits some of which had never been closely related. All had merit to Peter in their own way and all had one thing in common that interested him – old machines designed and made by highly skilled engineers to standards and using methods that today have in many cases being lost.


Skills lost to many these days but not to Peter himself for he was a most highly skilled, practical and able Engineer and widely respected for being so by a great many people who were able to enjoy their hobby thanks to his skill and willingness to always help a fellow enthusiast.


It is no exaggeration to say that Peter was well liked by all whose path he crossed and not just for his considerable technical abilities. His enthusiasm for motorcycles, problem solving and engineering solutions was contagious, his willingness to help others genuine, his good nature, friendliness and generosity in word and deed recognised and appreciated by all he helped. Just as likeable was the modesty and kindness which summed up Peters nature.


Sitting down and chatting with Peter was always interesting, usually informative and in many cases humbling as his knowledge and abilities far out stripped those of the listener no matter how long they themselves had been tinkering with old machines.


The challenge of finding an engineered solution to a problem is what interested Peter the most it seemed and something I witnessed personally with my 1924 New Hudson. Like many others before me I went to Peter with an oil pump problem no one else could fix. Not only did I come away with it fixed but Peter identified and removed the original 90 year old design fault resulting in a massive increase in its efficiency. I know many others here today will have similar tales.


Although a keen British Motorcycle enthusiast himself Peter was genuinely open minded and inclusive to all which is another quality not so frequently encountered these days. Ancient, modern, Japanese, British, European, thoroughbred or junk - to Peter it all came down to if the owner valued or needed it then he would and could always help as witnessed by the steady stream of people to his home workshop.


Two, three, four or no wheels at all, local private enthusiast or commercial motor garage all seemed to find their way to Peter’s door sooner or later through nothing more than word of mouth. “Go see Pete, he’ll know what to do” seems to have been the rallying call.


Many here today will have known Peter much more and throughout his life especially his family, close friends and former colleagues who we know will have their own precious memories and recollections of Peter.


These are ours as fellow motorcycle enthusiasts and friends of a good man and brilliant engineer who will be badly missed and well remembered for a long time to come. Thank you Peter for all you did for all of us.


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