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For Sale (4/12/2018)


Low mileage and runs quite nicely. Metal tank and new tyres. Was used quite regularly ‘till about 5 years ago when health issue took over. This is a genuine bike with no apparent issues. Starts quite easily, once you have the knack. Needs riding and just a nice bike for club runs etc.


Mike Griffiths  07729888631





Wanted (26/10/2018)

Triumph twin project - any condition considered.


 Tel Eddie 0151 259 1596

For Sale (24/10/2018)

Compressor and spray gun.

Chris Pidstock the Runcorn resurrector of dynamo’s and magnetos is giving up his occupation and selling off his equipment, he has for sale a compressor with spray gun and accessories price £50. He can be contacted on 01928 572288. 


For Sale (23/10/2018)

Moto Guzzi Lodola 235 cc. Trail/Trials/Green Lane.


For sale my rare 1960 Guzzi Lodola (Lark) 235 cc. machine in trials/trail, or green lane trim, comes with a full set of final drive and rear sprockets and a set of trials tyres, currently the bike has enduro tyres fitted for better road handling.

Moto Guzzi Lodola 


I found this bike in the back of a garage in Ruthin after following up rumours; it was almost all there in boxes. I have over a period of three years restored this bike using some modern components such as plastic mudguards’ and up to date rear suspension units to make it more usable. The dynamo which is original and Lucas has been overhauled, as have the front forks which are B S A, it is mechanically sound and fit for everyday use.

History. The ISDT was held in Wales in 1960, I suspect that this bike was influenced by that event, I did consider that it might be one of the Lodola’s used  however I cannot substantiate this. From the Frame and engine No. it left the factory in 1960 as a Lodola GT 235 cc. At some point in its early life it was put into its current guise, using BSA forks which were much more substantial that the original Guzzi type, the original Guzzi front wheel was kept.

I am aware that the wife of a local bike dealer used one of these machines in North Wales in the early 1970’s this may well be the same machine, there aren’t many.

It’s a nice light nimble bike with a Boyer CDI ignition system for easy starting and an Amal concentric carb for ease of maintenance, the front wheel currently fitted is from an early MZ, the original wheel is still available if needed.


Price £3,250 which reflects the cost of the restoration. I have done close on a thousand miles since putting it on the road, its delightful to ride, I am short of space as two more needy stray Italians have come into my care,

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.       07800601226


For Sale (26/09/2018)

1979 Bultaco Sherpa T 350

 More Photos


After coming into an inheritance at the end of 2017 my partner bought this bike for me as a surprise Christmas gift. She had heard me talk long about the 250 version I had when I was 17 – some 43 years ago. It has been given a nut and bolt complete restoration – new tyres, bars, grips, rims, mudguards, shocks – the list goes on. I got it age verified by the VMCC and set about getting it registered for the road so I could attend events. Due to difficulties thrown up by both the DVLA and HMRC, (wanting a NOVA cert.) It took until May 2018 to obtain a V5 and registration number. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with cancer in early June and the treatment has taken away my ability to ride. I don’t know if you can imagine how this has saddened me. At present it is in the conservatory reminding me every day of what could have been.

I am therefore, very reluctantly, having to sell it. My partner paid £3,600 for it in its unregistered state. It is a beautiful machine, very light and with loads of torque. I have put a smaller rear sprocket on to make it more useable on the road but it also has a large trials sprocket and matching chain with it.

I am open to offers, bearing in mind that I’ve only ridden it to get it MOT’d (expires Feb).


2000 Suzuki GSF 1200 Bandit

 More Photos


I am also selling my 1200 Bandit. This story is also poignant. I bought this bike brand new in March 2000. I was forced to sell it, due to divorce in 2002, and always regretted having to part with it. In May this year I was looking on the web for the smaller rear sprocket I was going to put on the Bultaco. I saw my Bandit being advertised and, because I was in a position to financially, bought it straight away. I sold it with 8k miles on the clock. I bought it back with 29k on the clock. According to the chap I bought it from, he had only done 6k miles in the 5 years that he had owned it and he bought it from a man who had it on SORN for 7 years. The bike was in good condition when I bought it but I wanted to get it back as near as I could to original. I have spent around £1,000 on genuine Suzuki parts – some have already been fitted, the rest will come with the bike. Two mates of mine, knowing my situation, have given the bike a full service. It had oil and filter change, new plugs, new front disc pads. The bike, although not qualifying for VMCC status, is a lovely ride. I managed to ride it down to Wales before treatment started and the power is breath-taking. Given the condition of the bike, and the money spent so far, I’m looking for offers over £2k. I will be advertising the bikes generally in the future but would be happier if I knew they were going to good homes


These photographs were taken when I got the bike – new parts have been fitted since but I am now unable to move the bike out of the shed to take up to date images. 

Many thanks

Pete Hodgkiss            07790 383607   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Warrington 


For Sale (22/09/2018)

Moto Guzzi v35ii 350cc v-twin shaft drive 1987. VMCC eligible, low mileage (6300, believed genuine!). Low seat height.

Recent starter motor, brake pads, carbs refurbished, new front tyre, good rear. MOT Sept 2019, currently on SORN.

Very presentable with or without the fairing.

Selling because I need the space and it's a bit small for me!



Contact: Stephen Herbert


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile: 07557907509


For Sale (31/07/2018)

1963 Triumph Tr6SS full frame of restoration.


This bike is now for sale in Grahamstown, South Africa. No price tag but if you are interested contact details are below. You might need more that a trailer to collect this one!

I’ve got a couple of video clips but a bit memory heavy for the website. Email me if you want them.


Dennis Hibberd (Theo’s friend) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Wanted (05/07/2018)

Wanted BMW R100/GS or R80/GS or R100RS. May consider other models. Can collect - condition not important. Dry stored none runner or simply not used any more. 

Contact - Keith Crawley 0151 260 8401 



For Sale (13/04/2018)

1.   Miller Cycle Headlamp -  A vintage Miller headlight. It has two small oblong glass lights on the side of the light housing; one is red and the other is green, both having the "Miller" logo.




2. Vintage Brookes saddle - pillion


The seller is Nigel Atherstone. He is open to any reasonable offers and can be contacted on 01327 350139.