VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – December 18 Issue

At our October Club night our bells were rung by a talk on the history of telephones. Meanwhile we’ve done a few mid-week ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ runs, visiting 10 mysterious Cheshire lakes, and the Llangollen area. We attended Phil&Tony’s (M&HP) run and a few even ventured out to the Trevor Inn at that unpronounceable aqueduct near Llangollen to meet C&NW for lunch. And all this time, MalcolmR has been busy fixing his gearbox…

No runs in December unless the weather is kind and we do a mid-weeker. Contact me for details



VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – October 18 Issue

Early in August we had the Whitley Run – thanks Richard & Jill. Great turnout and good weather!

We had a great day out to Newcastle-u-L and Whitchurch during which Richard’s latest acquisition decided to disconnect its battery. Evidence in the picture! Nice lunch at Willeymoor Lock too!

Clubnight in August featured a talk on English Longbows. Very entertaining and informative.


By the time you read this, we’ll have done Byley and Out for the Count and we’ll be into Last of the Summer Wine weekday runs only. Hope the weather holds!


VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – September 18 Issue

Mike Griffiths led a great ride out into Deepest Derbyshire in July – thanks Mike. Bob took us to RAF Cosford to see the old ‘planes (see pic). Also in July, our Machine Night attracted 43 shiny entrants. Well done to Fred (Indian combination) and Alan (Honda 350), who took away the prizes!


September sees the By(ley)ways run (formerly the Goostrey) and ‘Out for the Count’ in Jeff Meehan’s memory.  We’ll also do several short-notice, mid-week ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ adventures. Sign up for text or WhatsApp notification of these by contacting me.

 VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – August 18 Issue


We’ve had some great mid-week runs, including an epic one to Knott End (well done Bernie & Bill) and a shorter one round Cheshire, ending up in Daresbury. I promised not to mention Richard’s lost keys, so I won’t! Photo attached. We attended C&NW’s Llangollen Gathering where Ross and Richard had a friendly tussle, Stretton Water Mill was well attended and 14 bikes did the Shropshire Saunter (thanks Bob on both counts). August sees the Whitley RSR. The Goostrey RSR has morphed this year into the By(ley)way (see ad elsewhere) More details on our website.


VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – July 18 Issue

Notes from your Chairman this month – some people have too many holidays! A busy time since last month with rides out to Parkgate, Mow Cop, Sleap and the Berwyns, plus for some of us the Founders Relay Rally and the Colwyn Run. May club night saw us treated to an excellent talk from the Cheshire Fire and Rescue crew on the Biker Down Course. On the back of this we are arranging to take a group to complete the full course at the Lymm Safety centre on 23rd September. If your interested contact Stephen. July club night is Machine Night. Bring your pride and joy for a chance of fantastic prizes.  Next month is our Whitley Run, near Warrington, on 5th August, see the advert somewhere in this edition of the journal and on our website. Ideal for older or low powered bikes.


Safe Riding

VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – June 18 Issue

April saw us riding to Llanuwchllyn to meet C&NW for lunch. A photo hereabouts shows Malcolm at lunch with members of both Sections (glad you’re riding again Malcolm!). Our first ‘LastoftheSummerWine’ runs of the season was to Astley to meet Central Lancs at the Mining Museum. A bit damp, but a great day out!  April Clubnight saw us beaten by C&NW in the intersection quiz (again…!); but it was close! In June, Bob leads two events: Stretton Mill Gathering on 17th and Shropshire Saunter on 24th. 

More details on our website



 VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – May 18 Issue

In March, Richard showed some videos from the Motorcycling Archives at Clubnight – very entertaining. Whilst his laptop was connected he also demonstrated the content of both CCats website and the VMCC one, including the Events listings and the Forum. Come on ‘Cats, it’s not difficult to connect and get some really useful info, contact me if you need more details on this. Richard also gave us a brief review of the National AGM. It seems we may be looking forward to a period of stability now.

In May we have the Founders Day Rally on 6th (thanks Bernie for hosting our checkpoint!), Bob’s Berwyn Run on 13th and our Clubnight will feature a presentation from the local F&R Service on ‘Biker Down’ – hopefully with some potentially life-saving hints & tips.

More details on the above on our website


VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – April 18 Issue

Our February Clubnight featured Bernie’s famous quiz which was enjoyed enormously – thanks Bernie!

As you read this, we’ll be into the riding season again, having (hopefully) ‘done’ Mike Griffiths’ Spring Run and the annual pilgrimage to Wistanstow Bike Show. The next ride is the Big Brekkie to Llanuwchllyn (Bala) to meet C&NW for lunch on 8th April. Details for this on the website and via email.

Talking of rides, I’ve recently circulated a compilation of adjacent Sections’ runs this season. If you need a hard copy of this please ask.

And talking about adjacent Sections, our April club night features Richard’s Intersection Quiz. It is always a great opportunity for neighbouring Sections to thrash the pants off Cheshire Cats (as usual...!) so why change the habit of a lifetime...? All welcome, the more the merrier, and I'm told there may even be prizes!

VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – March 18 Issue

We held our 5th AGM on 18th January. Hard to believe Cheshire Cats have been going so long…! No change in Officers so you’re stuck with us for another year I’m afraid! Minutes on the website. Following the AGM Derek Thom struggled manfully through the Bring-N-Buy to get folk to open their wallets and buy stuff. Thanks Derek, Section funds increased as a result!

As you read this you’ll be contemplating the start of the Riding Season. Our first social ride of the season, courtesy of Mike Griffiths (thanks Mike!) is on 11th March starting in Shavington. Second ride is 18th March to the Wistanstow Show.  Third ride is the Big Brekkie to Llanuwchllyn to meet C&NW on 8th April. Details on the website or call me.


March Clubnight features a film show put on by Richard. Always entertaining (the films, that is!)


VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – February 18 Issue

Our Christmas Meal was at the Cock ‘o Budworth this year and was well attended. The three Annual Awards were presented by Richard. Bob Gallagher won the Endeavour Shield for tirelessly turning up and helping out at events throughout the year. Alan Herriot (Ozzy Al) won the Weaver Shield for services to Barbecuing. Neil Walton took the Peter Mills Trophy for enabling Bernie to ride the Beemer home without melting his front brake on a run early in the season.  Well done to all and thanks to Richard for organising the event!


Clubnight this month features Bernie’s famous quiz – better get swatting up… And lastly, we’re all looking forward to riding again after the winter. Hopefully we’ll revive the ‘Last of the Summer Wine Adventures’ series of social runs. We need a more appropriate name for the start of the season though – watch this space! 

VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – January 18 Issue


Happy New Year from the Cheshire Cats. Since last month we’ve had a great talk on Speedway bikes from Dave Norcott, enjoyed our usual Christmas meal and awarded our annual prizes. Januarys club night will include our AGM the bring and buy. Derek Thom has again agreed to squeeze as much money as possible from your wallets so come prepared. Empty garage shelves and empty wallets – what a service we provide! The new riding season will be with us in the next couple of months let’s see if we can top last year’s excellent turnout in a full 2018 calendar. 



VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – December 17 Issue

Mid October traditionally marks the end of our riding season, but this year has been different. It all started with a couple of us going for an unscheduled ride one Wednesday. We had a great time so did the same (different route and more riders) the following week. And the next week. As I write we’ve just completed our 5th ‘Last of the Summer Wine Adventure’ which you may find in more detail in a later edition of the Journal or our website. Eight riders took part in the latest run – which is a great way to get out and about and have fun!

Our October Clubnight included a much-enjoyed talk by John (Wobbly Wirral) Burgess on what can best be described as ‘tiddlers’. Thanks John, most enjoyable and informative!

Sadly we lost Bill Hignett in October. We all miss him.

VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – November 17 Issue

September saw (not the) Goostrey Run based at Cranage Village Hall. 25 riders got a bit wet but completed the course. C&NW did well with the prizes! Also in September, Bob put on Jeff Meehan’s last event, ‘Out for the Count’, originally planned for last year. A good time was had by 12 riders (pic shows final preparations); Richard won the (very stylish) trophy! No runs in the calendar, but November Clubnight features a talk by Dave Norcott on Speedway/Grasstrack, with some of his bikes on display in the Rugby Club lounge!



VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – October 17 Issue

We had a Grand Day Out to the AVRO Heritage Museum in August. We were treated to a private guided tour of the full museum, plus access to the Vulcan and VC10 cockpit/flight decks. Picture hereabouts of Theo in the Vulcan Hot-Seat – a very happy boy! Other August events included the Whitley and the Anson Engine run.

We have talks planned at Clubnight over the next couple of months including Speedway/Grass-track and Longbows (what more could you want…!?)

Details of these events on our website.


VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – September 17 Issue

At our Machine Night in July, John Coxon won ‘best bike’ for his immaculate Beemer. There’s a pic hereabouts of Richard presenting John with the magnificent Best Bike trophy – guard it well John!!

Don't forget the ‘Not The Goostrey’ Run (NOT AT GOOSTREY this time, but at Cranage Village Hall) 3 September, about 1 mile North of Holmes Chapel on A50. 1st bike 11:00. Don’t go to Goostrey Village Hall!

On 17th September we’ll be running Jeff Meehan’s ‘Out for the Count’ in his memory.

Details of these events on our website.

VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – August 17 Issue

Bob Moon treated us to the inaugural Stretton Water Mill run on 18 June. Due to his new-found media connections, a great turnout of around 30 bikes (half of which did the run-in) and two classic cars parked up at t’ Mill and everyone had a good time riding/milling/chatting. Some of the bikes pictured in front of t’ Mill. Thanks Bob!

Don't forget Whitley 6 August, Anson Run 13 August and Not The Goostrey (not at Goostrey this time, but at Cranage Village Hall) 3 September.


VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – July 17 Issue

Everyone had a great time on Bob’s Berwyn Run, with around 17 bikes participating. There’s photographic evidence about here to prove the point!

By the time you read this, we’ll have visited C&NW at their Llangollen Gathering, had our first trip to Stretton Water Mill and remembered Peter Mills on the memorial run in his name, which WILL have better weather than last year! Hopefully a good time had by all!

Next up is the NW Meet & Greet at Chester and our Machine Night 20 July. More details online.


VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – June 17 Issue

Our Clubnight in April included a special presentation of VMCC Chairman’s Award to Jeff Meehan’s family. Jeff’s daughters Jayne & Joanne responded warmly  with thanks to the Club and Cheshire Cats. Photo hereabouts.

Afterwards Richard ran the InterSection Quiz. Thanks to C&NW for turning up and not winning for a change! Also thanks to Richard for his usual tough quiz-setting standard!


Runs in June include a ride out to Llangollen for C&NW’s Gathering, Stretton Water Mill and Pete Mills Memorial runs. Details online.

VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – May 17 Issue

Notes this month courtesy of Chairman Richard. Unfortunately Film Night didn’t happen on March club night. Hopefully we can re-arrange for another time. Due to lack of volunteers to sing/dance, instead we spent the evening concerning ourselves with the important aspects of the VMCC such as – ‘does anyone have a rear stand for a 1935 Scott?’ and ‘is the coil on my Honda working properly?’ Isn't that why we joined the Club...?

Seven section members took advantage of the break in the rain and set out for the Wistanstow Show via Prees Heath truck shop. Chairman Richard had yet another breakdown (hope you're feeling better now? S!) but apparently all the others had a good time.

Next few runs – North West Relay Rally and Bobs Berwyn Run including visit to St Melangal shrine in remembrance of Jeff Meehan. Details on website.



VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – April 17 Issue

At our Clubnight in February, Bernie kept us on our toes with his Quintessential Quiz. A great selection of themed questions on bikes and general knowledge; thanks Bernie! 

April sees the start of the riding season with the Big Brekkie to Llanuwchllyn (that's Bala to the uninitiated!) run on 9th, meeting C&NW for lunch, and the NW Relay Rally on 30th. Our April Clubnight features an Intersection Quiz. All local sections are cordially invited to come and give us a good thrashing!!


The VMCC ‘white book’ Calendar of Events contains errors in some of our listings – mainly our website address so use the one at the top of these notes instead.



VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – March 17 Issue

We had our AGM on 19th January. Highlights include a steadily growing membership, healthy bank balance, successful 2016 riding season and more events to look forward to in 2017. Your Committee was endorsed for a further year of Office.

After the AGM we had a brilliant presentation by Gordon May on his epic ride to Vietnam on a WW2 Matchless. The photos, anecdotes and video clips gave us a real sense of what the ride was like – not for the faint-hearted!

March sees the start of RIDING! Join us on the Wistanstow Show run on 19th then Prees Heath to Llanwchllyn on 9th April. Make sure your bike is ‘fettled’ in time!


The VMCC ‘white book’ Calendar of Events contains errors in some of our listings – mainly our website address so use the one at the top of these notes instead.

VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – February 17 Issue

It will be strange reading now about the Christmas Meal, so I won’t dwell on it. Suffice to say it was a great one – probably our best yet; thanks to Richard & Gill for organising! There may be a fuller write-up elsewhere in this volume…

By now we’ll be looking fondly towards warmer, longer days and RIDING! Events to look forward to include Bernie’s Famous Quiz later this month, Richard’s Fantastic Film Night on March 16th and our first ride of the season; the Wistanstow Show run on 19th March. Hope that project you’ve been nursing all winter is ready to ride?


Bob Moon is working on filling up the events calendar, and you can see more events at www.vmccCheshireCats.co.uk/index.php/calendar or on the VMCC Events Portal.

VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – January 17 Issue

New Year to all!

November Club night featured Bob Gallagher’s alphabet quiz which in double-quick time separated the Antelopes from the Zebras. Derek Thom & Bill Roberts won after a nail-biting tie-breaker – well done both and thanks for the quiz Bob!

Another Bob (Moon) has joined our Committee with a special remit to look after our growing list of annual events, and to grow & enhance that list. Welcome Bob! Our core 2017 Events are now on the VMCC Portal and on our own website. Look forward to this becoming a longer list in due course. Roll on the riding season!


By the time you read this, we will be heading for our AGM and talk by Gordon May on his recent ride to Vietnam on a Matchless – a bit longer than a ride down to the shops!

VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – December 16 Issue

At our October Clubnight we raised a sizeable sum for Jeff Meehan’s nominated and worthy charity, NABD. Jeff's widow Maureen thanks everyone for their generosity.

At the same Clubnight, we asked for volunteers to put themselves forward as Section Officials and to nominate other Members for Section Awards. There is still time to do this, please contact either Richard or me. More details on this soon after you read this!

On 23rd October, Bob Moon led a group of ‘Cats to C&NW’s Pie Eating Extravaganza at the Telford Inn on a cool but dry day. Hope we left enough of the good stuff for our hosts…!

Our 2017 events will be on our website and on VMCC’s Events Portal by the time you read this. Time to get your diaries filled in for the New Year's riding.


Merry Christmas to All!

VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – November 16 Issue

It is with great sadness that we report the loss of one of our most popular section members in September. Jeff Meehan lost his life in a tragic accident on his way to the Goostrey run. Our condolences go out to his family and all his friends. On the day of his funeral 10 club members provided a motorcycle escort for him on his final journey. An obituary appears elsewhere in this issue of the Journal.


The Buxton Run saw another superb summer day on which a successful contingency of Cheshire Cats came away with the Overall Winner award courtesy of our chairman. September club night was well attended to see Alex Graham deliver a talk about his unique Warren motorcycle after several members heroically carried it up the stairs of the Rugby Club. We left the easy bit, carrying it down, to the rugby boys.


VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – October 16 Issue

August was another good riding month. A respectable turn-out of 37 bikes for the Whitley Run at the start of the month and a great run out of 21 bikes to the Anson Engine Museum in Poynton on 14th. A separate report on Whitley should appear in the next edition of The Journal.

By the time you read this we will have had the Goostrey Run and Jeff’s ‘Out for the Count’ expedition, the riding season will be getting towards the end and Ozzy Alan will be basking in the Ozzy sun! To quote from Game of Thrones, Winter is Coming!

Don’t forget to check our website for more detailed reports of the various events, bikes & bits for sale and a calendar for 2017 should be coming together too!


VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – September 16 Issue

July was busy. Alan & Bill put on a great BBQ for us at the Rugby Club – thanks Chaps! There’s a pic hereabouts of our new Chairman Richard playing ‘Crank Green Bowling’ – or is that a rude gesture…? We attended NW Section’s Meet&Greet and came away with awards!!! A great day, thanks to all at NW. Machine Night was well attended and Bob’s AJS won a well-deserved Best Bike.


September sees the Goostrey Run on 4th and Jeff’s ‘Out for the Count’ non-stop Treasure Hunt on 18th. Do support these events!

VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – August 16 Issue

A fair crowd of us ventured west to C&NW’s Llangollen Gathering. What a great day that was! Some didn’t make the rides out (various reasons quoted) but all had a good time and plenty of food on offer too! Thanks to all at C&NW.

In June, Paul Knight stood down as Chairman. Richard Whitehurst stepped into the breach and was endorsed as our new Chairman at June Clubnight. Thanks Both!


At the end of June, 10 riders braved the rain on the inaugural Peter Mills Memorial Run. Picture hereabouts… This will be an annual affair with better weather in future!


VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – July 16 Issue

May was a good riding month. Founders Day Rally was a bit damp, but Bernie had many visitors at our Checkpoint. The Baton Rally was really well attended – 17 bikes escorted The Baton around Cheshire and delivered it (almost) without incident to C&NW at Christleton (Alan & Malcolm can enlarge on this!). There’s a picture here showing the Baton having lunch… Bob led a group out on the annual Berwyn Run. Thanks to all organisers & attendees for a great time!


July should see us BBQ-ing, attending the NW Section Meet & Greet and running out to Buxworth.




VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – June 16 Issue

 Phil led us on a great run out to Llanuwchllyn via Prees Heath for lunch in April. Pic here shows a couple of dodgy characters enjoying the Big Breakfast before setting off.

April was also a month of quizzes. We lost ours (run by Richard) to raiders from C&NW and came a ‘strong’ second at M&HP’s… pity there were only two teams! all good fun though!

In early June we’ll be riding over to Llangollen to C&NW’s Gathering in (hopefully) warmer weather! 








VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – May 16 Issue

 Sadly, Peter Mills left us in February. We marked his passing with an 8-bike funeral escort and a £100 donation to St Lukes’ Hospice. We’ll all miss him.

Richard provided a film show at our March Clubnight which was entertaining from both a technical and historical viewpoint! There may be more of these coming up…

Our first ride out was Wistanstow Show, near Craven Arms, meeting C&NW en route. 15 bikes in total, and a good time was had by all. The photo shows a couple of dodgy characters planning the return route!




VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – April 16 Issue

 When you read this, we’ll be into the riding season again. First ride is Big Brekkie & ride over to Llanuwchllyn (that’s Bala to you & me!) to meet C&NW for lunch. Always a good day out!

 Our April club night on 21st April 2016 will be an Intersection picture quiz, courtesy of Richard.  All Sections local or otherwise are invited to enter as many teams of 4 as you can muster and demonstrate your collective knowledge of the world of the VMCC. Prizes will be awarded (possibly) for the team with the best score. A perfect opportunity to forget the woes and worries of the AGM and enjoy a pleasant evening of memory searching and head scratching.

 We look forward to seeing you at Winnington Park RUFC (CW8 3AA). Map and directions on the Web Site. 7.30pm for 8pm.



VMCC Cheshire Cats Section Notes – February 16 Issue


Well, we all had a good time at our Christmas Meal in December and by the time you read this, we’ll have had our AGM & Bring-n-Buy too and will be looking forward to the Riding Season once again!


Speaking of riding, all events planned for 2016 are on our website www.vmcccheshirecats.co.uk (click on the ‘Calendar’ tab on menu bar). The Website can only get better – it’s now in Richard’s capable hands, so watch out for new and exciting things on there – maybe even a copy of Jeff’s 2015 events compilation video!

No events yet, but watch this space (and the website) for runs coming soon!